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Since iTunes 12.7 completely dropped app management features, our users have been asking if iMazing could help.

After a week of custodia cover huawei mate 10 lite R we found that we could indeed download apps just like iTunes used to. We decided to build a completely new app management section, which we are releasing custodia x tablet samsung in iMazing 2.5 (macOS) and iMazing 2.4 (Windows) as part of our 100% free features.

To our knowledge, iMazing is the only non Apple cover custodia cover samsung s10 plus samsung galaxy e 9.6 software to enable users to download their purchases from the iOS App Store. We strongly cover samsung coreplus hope that Apple won’t block iMazing’s app download capabilities: we’ve done our best to provide cover samsung galaxy j5 trovaprezzi tools which many iOS users truly need.

Downloading apps to Windows cover samsung tab a sm-t550 PC: why it’s a big deal

There are now only 2 ‘official’ ways left for businesses to manage app deployment: MDM, which is not suitable for smaller scale deployment, and Apple Configurator, which simply isn’t available on Windows at all.

Apple did release an iOS 11 compatible iTunes 12.6.3, because quote “certain business partners might still need cover samsung s3 stitch to use iTunes to install apps”, but that constitutes a temporary workaround more than a long cover samsung galaxi j5 2016 term solution.

For small to medium sized businesses and educational institutions which often only have Windows PCs, iMazing’s app management features are not just practical, they’re literally becoming the only viable solution. As it stands, every single mobile device will need to individually download the same app, resulting in completely wasted bandwidth.

Our solution lets users download an app once, to their computer, and deploy it to any number of custodia cover samsung note 10 devices, to any Apple ID. The app is linked to the target device’s Apple ID amazon custodia samsung j3 2016 on the fly when it is deployed.

When you need to quickly make space on your iPhone, deleting apps are a great way to do just that. Trouble is, you may have to re download them again later. Games especially can be real storage hogs, and can take ages to download.

Simply download the games once to your iMazing app library, and delete them from your iPhone or iPad to quickly make some room. When you’ll need the games again, you can install them from your computer instead of starting a multi gigabyte hours long download session.

Keep old versions, just in case

If an app you particularly rely upon has a bad cover samsung s6 pokemon update, it can take time to fix. If you’ve downloaded cover samsung s6 edge guess a cover samsung galaxy s 3 mini previous version to your app library, you can roll back to it in no time.

That said, you should always make sure that no important security flaw were patched since you last downloaded a particular version. Reading those release notes is always a good idea!

Developers sometimes pull their apps from the App Store, often because they simply cannot maintain them anymore. If you have a copy on your computer, you can always reinstall that old indie game you cover samsung a310f enjoyed a couple cover iphone x xs of years back.

Wait, are you hacking the App Store

Not at all! Only apps which you have already acquired via the App Store can be downloaded and installed. iMazing will ask you to login to your Apple ID, and can only install an app if that login is successful and if the app is listed in it’s purchases.

We also take great care to protect your Apple ID and your privacy, please give our clear view cover cover samsung galaxy a3 samsung s10+ Security Privacy cover samsung galaxy a5 2017 rosa page a read if you find yourself hesitant to sign in to your Apple ID via iMazing.

How does it work in practice

If you haven’t already, download and install iMazing 2.5 (Mac) or iMazing 2.4 (Windows).

Then, simply connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer, and click custodia samsung xcover 2 the Manage Apps button in the actions list to access the new app management features:

Notice that the Manage Apps view has 2 tabs: Library and Device.

Library Tab

When this tab is highlighted, iMazing displays apps which have been detected as linked to your Apple ID (displayed next to the Sign Out button on top). Here, you can:..

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