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The Swede also noted that he was eager for the junior team to interact with the senior women’s team. “I hope that when we resume the camp we can have some relationship with the senior team. From my point of view, that would be great and also extremely encouraging for the young girls to meet senior girls and have some sessions with them,” he said..

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wholesale jerseys from china Selected for the award this year on the women side are softball short stop Katelyn Rice (Albany/Colonie Central) and women soccer player, Natalie Ricci (Cohoes/Cohoes).Men basketball player Fethener Aime (Palm Coast, Fla./Flagler Palm Coast) was selected as the recipient of the Aggie Stillman Perseverance Award for overcoming the passing of his father at the start of the school year.In addition to Gonzalez, three other area athletes were honored by Sage. Broadalbin Perth graduates and, as well as Fonda Fultonville graduate all earned awards. Tavolaro, a senior, was named the Women Outdoor Track and Field Gator of the Year, Goodemote, a junior, was named Men Soccer Gator of the Year and Nethaway, a graduate student, was named Women Volleyball Gator of the Year.Additionally, Sage selected the Fan of the Year, which was bestowed to Sage Vice President of Student Life, Trish Cellemme for her passion to support Sage athletic department and the student athletes.Sage also awarded the Gator of the Year to members of the varsity teams, often awarded to the team most valuable player, the Gators of the Year status was bestowed to the following individuals in these sports:Women Cross Country senior Amanda Jones (West Sand Lake/Columbia)Women Outdoor Track and Field senior (Broadalbin/Broadalbin Perth)Men Golf junior Blake Pritchard (Malone/Franklin Academy)Women Volleyball graduate player (Fonda/Fonda Fultonville) wholesale jerseys from china.

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