But when an old friend returns with plans that upend

We are five siblings and we all are very afraid of our father. Even my mother has to obey his orders. He has made our home practically a jail. That’s not to say the Blue Jays have an open road. Josh Donaldson will have to perform at or near an MVP level. The starting pitching, with five proven major league starters, will have to be a strength of this team.

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Obviously in a better spot now than we were six games ago, and we still have a long way to go, said Karlsson, who played in his 700th NHL game. I think we finding ways to win games now. I don think we played well in Anaheim or tonight in long stretches, but we finding a way.

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Cast: Kyle Gallner, Emily Skeggs, Pat Healy, Griffin Gluck, Lea Thompson, Mary Lynn Rajskub. But when an old friend returns with plans that upend the fragile balance and identity he’s so painstakingly crafted, Cole is forced to take action. Cast: Philip Ettinger, Stacy Martin, Cosmo Jarvis, Michael Trotter, Kerry Bish, Lili Taylor.

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