But then, as he walks the halls of his new school,

Shorts and t shirts are appropriate during the day, however, trousers can offer more protection against branches, insect bites, and leeches. Bring hiking and walking appropriate shoes that are resistant to all types of jungle terrains. You also want to bring slip on rubber shoes to slip on in the mornings and evenings..

Dave ‘Tiger’ Williams, the NHL all time penalty minute leader hops over the boards and lines up beside me and goes, ‘You want to go, kid?’ I was 21 and I’m thinking, ‘Wait, until my buddies hear that my first NHL fight is going to be Dave ‘Tiger’ Williams. He’s from Saskatchewan and I’m from Saskatchewan, he’s the all time [PIMs] leader.’ So, the linesman goes to drop the puck and I threw my gloves and had a yard sale, and he just skated away from me. It wasn’t good.

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