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Feels like these days are going by so fast. I just hanging out not doing anything, and all of a sudden it nighttime. And it just keeps repeating, keeps repeating. Never know how you coming to come back from an ACL. It was probably the longest year of my life. It definitely tested me mentally, obviously physically.

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It is only a matter of time before astronomers find an Earth sized planet orbiting a distant star. When they do, the first questions people will ask are: Is it habitable? And even more importantly, is there life present on it already? For clues to the answers, scientists are looking to their home planet, Earth. Mapping what gases comprised Earth atmosphere during its history, Kaltenegger and Traub propose that by looking for similar atmosphere composition on other worlds, scientists will be able to determine if that planet has life on it, and if so, that life evolutionary stage..

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LAS VEGAS, Dec. Expected to welcome their first guests on Feb. 1, 2019, the Bunk Bed Rooms are available now for online booking starting at $115 per night, and the Bunk Bed Suites are available for call in booking at 855 855 9205 starting at $310 per night.

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A week into the online sessions, Greenberg said feedback has been incredibly positive. “For the most part our families are very happy with the product. We’ll use the Passover break to do some final tweaks that ensure our kids are on track to meet the curricular requirements for the year, so we don’t lose time..

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