Beal shared this back in January

In addition to the telescope WISE has four infrared sensitive detectors with very high resolution. Of these Mercury Arsenic Telluride detectors are for the detection of near infra red bands and Arsenic doped Silicon detectors are for mid infrared bands. In order to detect the presence of infra red radiation from the celestial objects, the telescope must be kept at a temperature which is lower than these objects, otherwise it won’t be able to distinguish its own infra red radiation from those produced by these objects.

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cheap nba jerseys 19; at Michigan, Jan. 24). Shepard owns 12 games with 20 points, 18 double figure scoring performances and eight double doubles. “I always thought it was cool because we had two games: one for the guy who could still move around and play against the current team; then there was a whole, separate game for all the guys who went to Stanford in the ’60s and ’70s,” said Jahn. “It was really cool to see how long Stanford soccer has been around and that guys still care about it 30 40 years later. It was cool to meet them, hear where their lives went and hear a few stories about their days and how different it was.” cheap nba jerseys.

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