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Working on the logistics of opening City Hall to the public, but it going to be different, said DeSantis. Going to have to have a plan has to provide six foot distances between people and wear masks. We want to be able to open soon as possible. The most popular cell phone car charger on Amazon is this iPhone device. It fits into any car lighter jack or 12V accessory outlet. It is capable of charging up the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS as well the iPod.

Julian Kurych (Middletown, DE/Wilmington) extended the lead in the very next inning with a long fly ball to straightaway center field that hit the very top of Veteran Memorial Park center field bleachers. The long home run would score himself and Daniel Little (Nicholesville, KY/Richmond). Heurtin also got into the home run column, his second of the year flying just over the left field fence to score himself and Nolan Wilson (Atlanta, GA/Virginia Tech)..

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